Kickboxkarate Martial Arts

Grading to Red Belt

1st Grade Red Belt Lockdown Syllabus Only


1. Jab, Cross Punch

2. Backfist, Reverse Punch

3. Hook Punch (Lead Arm), Uppercut (Back Arm)


4. Front Kick (Lead Leg)

5. Side Kick (Lead Leg)

6. Roundhouse Kick (Lead Leg)

7. Hook Kick (Lead Leg)


8. Front Kick (Lead Leg), Jab, Cross Punch

9. Roundhouse Kick (Lead Leg), Backfist, Reverse Punch

Self Defence

Striking- Elbow & Knee

Focus Mitts– (shadow or with partner to hold hands out)

1.Jab, Cross Punch

Bag Work

2x 1 Minute Rounds -Jab Cross / Pump Kicks


10x Press Ups, 15x Sit-Ups, 20x Alternating Squat Thrusts


Shadow Sparring (Non-Contact) 1 x 1 min round