Kickboxkarate Martial Arts

Grading to Purple Belt

6th Grade Purple Belt Lockdown Syllabus Only

Line Work Conducted With Bouncing Movement


1. Reverse Blitz (Back Arm Reverse Punch Body, Lead Arm Backfist Head)

2. Body Blitz (Lead Arm Jab Body, Back Arm Cross Head)

3. Fake Blitz (Fake On Spot, Lead Arm Backfist Head, Back Arm Reverse Punch Body)


4. Double Roundhouse Kick (Back Leg Coming Forward)

5. Sliding Double Side Kick (Lead Leg)

6. One Step Hook Kick, Roundhouse Kick (Same Lead Leg)


7. Sliding Double Side Kick (Lead Leg), Blitz (Lead Arm Backfist Head, Back Arm Reverse Punch Body)

8. Sliding Jab, Cross Punch, Double Roundhouse Kick (Back Leg Coming Forward)

Self Defence

Striking- The student can use a variation of these strikes:

  • Elbow Strikes
  • Rising Elbow Strikes
  • Downward Elbow Strikes
  • Hammer Fist Strike
  • Knife Hand Strike
  • Ridge Hand Strike
  • Knee Strikes
  • Groin Strikes
  • Palm Heel Strikes

Focus Mitts– (shadow or with partner to hold hands out)

1.Jab, Hook Punch (Lead Arm), Uppercut (Back Arm)

2.Hook Kick, Roundhouse Kick (Same Lead Leg)

3.Roundhouse Kick (Lead Leg), Backfist, Spinning Hook Kick

Bag Work

3x 2 Minute Rounds -Jab Cross / Pump Kicks / Jump & Spin Kicks


Sprint (on the spot 10secs) Followed By
20x Press Ups, 30x Sit Ups, 40x Star Jumps


Shadow Sparring (Non-Contact) 6 x 1 min round