Kickboxkarate Martial Arts

Grading to Brown White Belt

9th Grade Brown & White Belt

Line Work Conducted With Bouncing Movement


  1. Sliding Double Jab, Cross, Hook Punch (Lead Arm), Uppercut (Back Arm)
  2. Counter Backfist (Lead Arm Moving Backwards), Blitz (Lead Arm Backfist Head, Back Arm Reverse Punch Body)
  3. Cross Punch, Jab, Cross Punch
  4. Jab, Cross Punch, Uppercut (Lead Arm), Cross Punch, Slip, Cross Punch


  1. Axe Kick (Back Leg Coming Forward), Sweep (Lead Leg), Spinning Crescent Kick (Back Leg Coming Forward)
  2. Jumping Front Kick (Lead Leg Coming Forward), Roundhouse Kick (Same Leg), Spinning Back Kick (Back Leg Coming Forward)
  3. Hook Kick, Roundhouse Kick, Side Kick (Same Back Leg Coming Forward)
  4. Spinning Hook Kick, Roundhouse Kick (Same Back Leg Coming Forward)


  1. Jab, Cross Punch, One Step Axe Kick, Roundhouse Kick (Same Leg)
  2. One Step Hook Kick, Spinning Back Kick, Backfist, Reverse Punch
  3. Jab, Cross Punch, Roundhouse Kick (Back Leg Coming Forward), Spinning Back Kick, Roundhouse Kick (Same Leg)

Self Defence

Advanced Striking

Defensive Locks With Takedowns, Throws, Sweeps & Follow Up Execution

2B, 3B & 4B Application

Focus Mitts

1.Centre Line Blast 2. Blitzing 3. Spin Kicks 4. Jump Kicks

Bag Work

4x 2 Minute Rounds


40x Press Ups, 60x Sit Ups, 80x Alternating Squat Thrusts, 80x Star Jumps

(1 Minute Time Limit On Each Exercise)


Selective Sparring